Picket Floating Combine Pickup

Picket Floating Combine Pickup

Picket Combine Platform

Pickett Floating Combine Pickups can and have been installed on all types and brands of combines. Floating heads can be manufactured in a wide variety of widths to meet every need (5 to 30 feet). Hydraulic drive motor is operated by the combine’s hydraulic system and controls gives the operator control of the pickup speed at his fingers. 8-bar finger system allows for gentle smooth flow into your combine.


Picket Floating Combine Pickup

▪ Rotor with follow cam operated fingers
▪ 8 finger tube rotor
▪ Rubber mounted fingers
▪ Optional soft rubber fingers for rocky conditions
▪ Hydraulic drive motor
▪ 18 x 9.5 – 8 gauge wheels
▪ Right or left hand end drive (specify)
▪ Two slinger tubes: (round and hex)
▪ Rotor rods
▪ Hold down rods for windy conditions


Picket Floating Combine Pickup design


Pickett Floating Pickup Options

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