Picket Double Master Plus Combine

Picket Double Master Plus Combine

Picket Double Master Plus Combine


*Adjustable Tongue Height
*Heavy duty drive train equipped with:

*Cam type cut-out clutch
*Over running clutch

*Wide-angle CV joint
*In cab Touch Screen shaft monitor system
*Touch Screen Monitor also controls pickup head On/Off switch and speed control
*North American compatible JIC hydraulic fittings
*1000 PTO input, 2 speed transmission:

*540 & 390 output
*Optional 500 & 350 output

*84” 8 tube, soft fingered pick up head
*Threshing Capacity — 7 to 10 acres per hour
*Bin capacity — approximately 8,800 lbs
*Two stage dump bin
*Dump Bin includes leveling auger
*271⁄2″ diameter concave with 20 mm holes
*31 adjustable, hardened threshing pins in central flow cylinder
*Large capacity nylon cup elevator leg
*Rear hydraulic drive elevator leg, shaker pan & cross auger
*Two-stage vacuum cleaning system
*Rear or side straw discharge
*18.4 × 30 tires 10 ply
*84″ Star Feeder Housing
*84” Feeder Auger
*Cross auger feed to elevator leg



AgCam Monitoring System

Picket AgCamPicket AgCam Monitor

Camera Features

  • Built-in, high quality 1/3” CCD Camera
  • Standard lens features 92 deg. field of view (3.6mm).
  • Built-in CDS light-source sensor can automatically turn on/off built in IR by detecting the light source
  • Waterproof, Shockproof. Suitable for nearly any use
  • Photochromic camera body lens darkens in bright conditions and becomes transparent under low light
  • 540TV lines Horizontal Resolution
  • Operating Temp -45F – 150F (-42C – 66C)
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • IP Rating of 68/69. equals a completely waterproof camera. Not watertight, waterproof
  • Solid billited aluminum camera housing
  • Built in the USA

Monitor Features

  • 7” Monitor features TFT LCD Active Matrix technology, allowing for a larger degree of view from a greater angle
  • Remote control
  • Functions include adjustable color, brightness, volume and contrast
  • Selectable Audio Video inputs. (All monitors equipped with two (2) AA/ inputs)
  • Operating Temperature of 23F – 140F
  • Storage Temperature of -4F – 170F
  • Viewing angle: L/R: 80 Top: 30 Down: 10
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Resolution: 960(H)x234(V)=224×640 dots

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