Picket Sugar Beet Manager

Picket Sugar Beet Manager

Product Highlights

  • Durable Quick Set, Adjustable Modules with Dual Gauge Wheel Depth Control.
  • Wider window of opportunity to operate machine.
  • Reduces Labor Costs along with Labor Hassles.Picket Sugar Beet Manager


Picket Sugar Beet Manager Sweeping Motion

The sweeping motion moves dirt between the beet plants, providing aeration, weeding, cultivation, and blocking if desired.

Picket Sugar Beet Manager Sweeping Depth

Depth of the sweep blade (1 to 3″) can be easily adjusted and maintained with heavy duty gauge wheels ( 1 gauge wheel per 2 modules). The size of the sugar beet will determine the sweep depth.

Picket Sugar Beet Manager Additional Adjustments

Additional Adjustments provide the angle of the sweeping motion that determines the with of sweep desired, held with set screw and bolt for secure positioning.

Picket Sugar Beet Manager QuickSet

This quick-set module is easily adjustable. Depending on plant population, it will adjust to reduce stand from 0 – 40%. A plant population calculating card is provided for optimum settings.



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