Picket Universal Combine Platform & Pickup

Picket Universal Combine Platform & Pickup

Universal Combine Platform & Pickup

Picket Combine Platform

Deep flighted 24” auger with 6” flights provide a consistent flow of product into the entire throat of the combine.
Deep flights and float springs on the auger help eliminate unwanted slugs.
The platform is built Pickett tough and is operated by the combines PTO. While the speed of the pickup head is powered hydraulically and regulated from the cab of the combine.


Operate the pickup head speed at 1/2 of ground speed.
This will help eliminate excess dirt and seed loss of any crop.
This will also minimize picking up unwanted solid objects such as rocks.


Universal Combine Platform & Pickup Head

Picket Special Elongated Head

Special elongated slotted directional perforations in the entire bottom portion of the platform work with the auger and flow of material towards the center of the platform. This will help eliminate dirt and prevent seed coat check. The design and shape makes these perforations self cleaning.

▪ Screen Bottom Platform
▪ Deep Flighted Auger
▪ Mechanical Driveline for Platform Auger
▪ Heavy-duty Float Springs for Auger
▪ Optional Retractable Fingers on Auger
▪ 8 Finger Tube Pickup Head Rotor
▪ Rubber Mounted Fingers
▪ Optional Soft Rubber Fingers for Rocky Conditions
▪ Hydraulic Drive Motor for Pickup Head
▪ 18 x 9.5 – 8 Gauge Wheels
▪ Two Slinger Tubes: (round and hex)
▪ Rotor Rods
▪ Hold Down Rods for Windy Conditions

Picket 8Row Finger Tube

The 8 row finger tube system allows you to operate the pickup head higher and consistently slower.




Models Available

UP14-148 — 148” Universal Platform & Pickup Head
UP16-172 — 172” Universal Platform & Pickup Head
UP20-222 — 222” Universal Platform & Pickup Head
UP22-246 — 246” Universal Platform & Pickup Head
UP25-282 — 282” Universal Platform & Pickup Head


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