Grass Seeders

Grass Seeders

Get thicker stand and higher yields with Brillion “Sure Stand” Seeders

Recognised the world over as the best seeding method for planting grasses and legumes.

Product Highlights

  • Floating axles
  • Wind metal deflectors
  • S-tine track remover
  • Speed up kit
  • Large meter box
  • Precision Flute Feed Rolls
  • Micro-meter adjustment
  • High Strength Rollers


Perfect Seedbed

Notice the perfect seedbed, prepared and seeded the Brillion Sure Stand way. Each seed is tucked to bed in the top half inch of the soil where it will germinate quickly and grow. The results? Thicker, more uniform stand with seed saving up to 50%… or more. Seedbed is left smooth and firm, small stones are pressed down.

Precision Seeding

Front rollers crush lumps, press down small stones, and form a firm seedbed. Precision seeding devices meter out the seed onto the well prepared seedbed. The rear rollers split the shallow ridges formed by the front rollers and gently firm the soil around the tiny seeds. All seeds are plated at fingernail depth for top germination and fast emergence.



Brillion Sure Stand Seeder Specifications


Model SSP-6 SSP-12
Hitch Type 3Pt. 3Pt.
Overall Width 84″ 13″3″
Overall Height 34″
Seeding Width 72″
Number of Meters 12
Hopper Capacity 2-5/8 Bu.
Approx. Weight 1100 lbs. 2396 lbs.
Meter Box Capacity 5 1/4 Bu.
Brome Box Capacity 5 1/4 Bu.
Front Wheel Standard
Rolling Width 12″



S Tine Track Remover

Eliminates wheel tracks.


9J495 Speed Up Kit

Doubles seed rate output.

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