Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Steer – CHCF36

Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Steer – CHCF36

Productivity often hides in the details, such as getting from one field to another quickly.

Trailing your combine head with a Horst CHC Wagon keeps you moving with safe and easy road travel. The no-sway design of Horst’s running gear provides a smooth trailing wagon that eliminates the zig-zag action through tapered roller bearings on all the main pivot points. This includes the king-pins and steering pivot joint. The predictable trailing movement of Horst’s Header Wagons is especially important for combine operators who don’t have a clear rear-view and need to rely on a steady trailing wagon. Sturdy yet flexible, Horst CHC Wagons are made with double tube construction designed to handle uneven ground reliably.

For road travel, heavy-grade tires with low wearing tread is standard on all models. An optional light kit is also available for increased visibility during nighttime driving.

Get from field to field quickly and efficiently with a quality built Horst Combine Header Wagon that handles your header safely and travels smoothly.

Product Highlights

  • Universal header mount designed to fit most combine heads
  • Quick release header mount
  • Ratchet strap
  • Adjustable top rail
  • Tapered roller bearings in main pivot points
  • Road signal light kit (Optional)
  • Retractable automatic relock tongue latch

Light Kit

Take the hassle out of transporting wide heads from field to field with the 4-wheel steer Contour header wagon. Built with all the same features as the standard model, the Contour adds greater maneuverability with 4-wheel steering which is ideal for combine heads 30-feet and longer. Trailing behind the combine or vehicle the Horst Contour follows the same tire tracks when cornering. If your combine can make the turn, so will the Horst Contour header wagon.

Trailing behind the combine or vehicle the Horst Contour follows the same tire tracks when cornering. If your combine can make the turn, so will the Horst Contour Header Wagon.

The Contour Header Wagon matches the sharp turning performance of your combine for easy turning. The rear wheels are linked mechanically and steer in the opposite direction as you begin turning. This keeps the wagon on track with the turning arc of the tow vehicle, passing through narrow entrances easily.


Draperheads have never been easier to load and unload with Horst’s new draper header mount. The exclusive draper mount is designed with a greater landing surface which makes lining up the header and wagon effortless. The draper header mount adjusts on three axis, left to right, forward and back, and up and down. This triple adjustment feature ensures that each resting point is perfectly positioned for your draper head.

Quick Release Header Mount

Easily reposition the header mount by simply lowering the over-centre locking handles.

Rachet Strap & Wrench

The durable ratchet strap secures the head and prevents shifting and bouncing during road travel. The wrench stores on the wagon, ready when you need it.

Adjustable Top Rail

Makes sure wagon fits most sizes and models of combine heads.

Tapered Roller Bearings in Main Pivot Points

Roller bearings keep pivot points tight, ensuring no trailer sway and long-lasting use.

Tri-Axis Adjustability

Up, Down, Forward, Backward, Left, Right


Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Steer – CHCF36 Specifications

Rated Capacity 15,500 lb.
Tracking Width (Centre of Tires) 76″
Tires 11L x 15 12 ply (Hwy Service)
Tongue Length ADJ. 11 to 15′
Top Bar Length 36′
Safety Chain
Shipping Weight 2240 lb.



Road Signal Light Kit

Make road travel safer by adding the road signal light kit which includes brake, turning and hazard lights.

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