A Series Mower Conditioner Pull-Types A30D

A Series Mower Conditioner Pull-Types A30D

Be more productive with our best mower conditioner yet.

In our never-ending quest to perfect the harvesting experience, MacDon offers the latest advance in hay and forage harvesting – the MacDon A30-D Pull-Type Mower Conditioner. Incorporating MacDon’s extensive harvesting knowledge and experience, we’ve optimized this double knife drive machine’s performance at every contact point with the crop. This has significantly improved overall cutting and conditioning performance and provided an increase in ground speed over previous MacDon Mower Conditioners. The A30-D’s design improvements are extensive and include adjustable conditioning, a new heavy-duty cutterbar design, a double knife drive system and a beefed up, easier to attach hitch. The result is a commercial quality machine that the high acreage producer can depend on to get the job done while maximizing the nutrient value of his crop.



Exclusive articulated power turn (APT) hitch

MacDon’s APT hitch allows you to pull the machine on either side of the tractor for back and forth harvesting. The vertical pivot has been moved back from the tractor to significantly reduce turning radius and make it easier to open fields.

Exclusive to MacDon, the APT hitch found on the R85 Rotary Disc and A30-D pull types represents a complete rethinking of hitch design by MacDon engineers. First, they insisted that the hitch have a high capacity all hydraulic drive system to provide overload protection for all components and reduce maintenance requirements when compared to mechanical hitch designs. Next, they repositioned the drive shaft so that a straight line is maintained between the tractor’s PTO and header pump. This further reduced vibration and wear on the unit. They also rethought the hitch assembly and moved the vertical pivot back from the tractor, and allowed the front end of the tongue to extend over it. This resulted in a much tighter turning radius compared to conventional designs and the ability to pull the machine on either side of the tractor. Finally, our engineers added a horizontal pivot to fully accommodate the rolling movement of the mower during normal operation and minimize side loads on the rear of the tractor. The end of their efforts was a completely new hitch, one that improved maneuverability, reduced maintenance and made opening a field easier than ever.


Widest conditioning rolls on the market

To improve conditioning performance, the R85 Rotary Disc and A30-D pull-types have been equipped with the widest steel on steel rolls on the market (102″/2591 mm on the A30-D; 118″/3000 mm on the R85). Wider rolls result in a thinner mat of material passing through, which increases the amount of crop in contact with the rolls, improving crimping performance and ensuring thorough conditioning of the plant stem. These conditioning rolls also feature a design which more aggressively pulls crop away from the cutting discs and feeds it into the forming shield, for reduced power requirements and improved performance in both light crop conditions such as grass and heavier alfalfa type crops.


Transport locks

Easy and quick to engage, the A30-D and R85 transport lock valves are activated by levers located on the hitch and on the header lift cylinders.


Outboard Skid Shoes

The adjustable Outboard Skid Shoes are standard on the A series mower conditioner. They are built with a double steel skin fo durability in tough field conditions.


Z-shaped cutterbar

We’ve made the cutterbar super strong by giving it a Z-shaped profile and incorporating a rectangular reinforcement. As a result the cutterbar is much stronger along both the horizontal and vertical planes, allowing it to better withstand impact from field obstacles.


Built for the tough going

Like all MacDon harvesting machines, the A30-D is designed for the toughest conditions. Exceptional durability of the unit is assured by the heavy-duty cast housing of the dual wobble boxes and rugged internal components of the knife drive system. The A30-D’s independent suspension system features heavy duty flotation springs (shown) which allow the header to react quickly and smoothly to ground obstructions, reducing the likelihood of damage to the cutterbar and knife components.


Spare Knife Storage

A very convenient storage location is built into the front lean-bar.


Wide flotation tires

The A30-D’s wide 31 x 13.5 – 15 tires provide smooth flotation over uneven ground and a light footprint – an important advantage in soft soil conditions.


Full width forming shield

This easy to adjust side forming shield makes it simple to set the width of the windrow. A rear fluffer shield is also standard and is used to adjust height and density of windrow for optimum dry down.



Size 16 ft. (4.9 m) 18 ft. (5.5 m)
Weight 7,750 lb. (3525 kg) 7,950 lb. (3615 kg)
Effective Cutting Width 16.25 ft. (4953 mm) 17.75 ft. (5410 mm)
PTO Drive 1,000 RPM
Conveyor (Auger): Type/Drive/Speed 20 in. (508 mm) undershot, center-feed auger over replaceable high density polyethylene auger pans plus enhanced feeding with rubber feed fingers/Mechanical two “B” belts/275 RPM, 20T sprocket
Sickle: Drive/Speed Double knife MacDon design enclosed oil bath wobble box/1,912 SPM (loaded)
Reel: Type/Drive/Speed 5 bat, oval closed bats with steel finger/Mechanical two “B” belts from auger/74 RPM with 20T sprocket (19T sprocket provided for 67 RPM reel)
Adjustable Swath/Windrow Shields 36 in. to 100 in. (915 mm to 2540 mm)/Adjustable
Conditioner: Type/Roll Length/Outside Dimension/Drive/Speed Non-contact steel N-bar intermeshing crimping rolls, header mounted rolls and forming shields/102 in. (2590 mm)/9.17 in. (233 mm)/Hydraulic, motor to enclosed gearbox/736 RPM (loaded)
Options Tall crop divider, stub guards, additional skid shoes, gauge rollers, hydraulic angle header kit (check with dealer for tractor specifications required)




Stub guards mount directly to the cutterbar to improve cutting performance in tough, stringy grass type crops, and crops that need to be cut close to the ground (such as grass, hay and rice). Kits can be ordered based on size of product.


Skid shoes

MacDon skid shoes (16’/4.9 m model shown) operate in different positions to allow for cutting in rocky conditions (three positions on 16’/4.9 m, two positions 13’/4 m). This higher ground clearance allows for excellent rock protection.


Guard angle adjustment options

The A30-D comes with manual or optional hydraulic guard angle adjustment allowing you to easily switch between close cut and longer stubble cutting lengths.



Attached behind the cutterbar to reduce wear on the cutterbar wear plate and improve the movement of the header over uneven terrain, as well as in sand or firm soil conditions. Optional for A and 16′ R Series.

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