SRB 22 Trunk Cleaner

SRB 22 Trunk Cleaner

High clearance frame equipped with two cleaningheads, each of them made up of a stack of rings on which special, semi-rigid straps are inserted. These heads, driven by two hydraulic motors connected in series, efficiently clean up the vine stock.

Adjustable guides. Distance between the heads can be adjusted. Working speed about 3km/h. Oil flow required 20l/Min.

Product Highlights

  • Independent furling safety to the side and to the back.
  • The semi-rigid straps clean up efficiently without damaging the vine stock.
  • The two bottom rings are equipped with three straps instead of two for a higher frequency of strokes at the base of the vine stock where most of the suckers are to be found.



SRB 22 Trunk Cleaner Specifications

Models Cleaning Height
SRB 22-200 198 mm
SRB 22-250 264 mm
SRB 22-300 297 mm
SRB 22-350 363 mm
SRB 22-400 396 mm
SRB 22-500 495 mm
SRB 22-600 594 mm


  • Hydraulic setting of the cleaning heads
  • Hydraulic setting of outer head height


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