Accellerator – Hay conditioner

Accellerator – Hay conditioner

The fastest way to improve hay quality, drying time and profit

Harvesting premium quality hay is often out of your control, relying on good weather and a lot of luck. Producers are now seeing the benefits of conditioning hay for consistently better results. The Tube·Line Accelerator is your fastest way to better hay by reducing drying time, creating greener, sweeter and softer hay.

The Accelerator’s easy operation conditions hay by simply running it through adjustable steel crimping rollers. This process cracks the hay stems without knocking off the leaves. Conditioning also fluffs the hay, allowing air to flow through the swath, for faster and more even drying from top to bottom. Speed up your operation with the Tube·Line Accelerator producing better hay, faster drying time and bigger profits. Contact your authorized Tube·Line dealer for more details.




Inverts the swath and places it on dry ground. It is also used to combine up to three swaths into one.


Heavy-duty Chain drive

Transfers power evenly from PTO to both rollers, ensuring constant tension at any roller setting which is achieved by an exclusive pivoting jack shaft.


Adjustable Steel-paddle Rollers

Increase or decrease amount of desired crimp by easily adjusting top roller up or down. Solid roller construction ensures consistency of crimping every time.


Walking-beam Tandem AxleEasy Towing

(Available on 7500T & 9500)
Improves smoother travel on bumpy fields by reducing bouncing, keeping unit in better control.


Accellerator – Hay conditioner Specifications

7500S 7500T 9500T
Roll Width 7′ 7′ 9′
Paddles Per Roll 9 9 9
PTO Speed 540 540 540
Axle Single Tandem Tandem
Width 126″ 132″ 156″
Length 153″ 153″ 153″
Weight (lbs.) 2750 2900 3000


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