BF5000 S

BF5000 S

Bale Feeding Made Easy

Farmers and cash-croppers are benefiting from the unique design of the BF5000 S by easily and quickly unrolling large square and round bales for preparing feed or re-baling into smaller bales. Take your crop off the field efficiently during good weather with large bales. Then with the BF5000 S and a baler, reprocess the bales into small bales inside, without worrying about rain. This is ideal for efficient cash-crop operations servicing markets that prefer smaller, more manageable bales such as the horse industry.

Product Highlights

  • Varying Speed Rotors – The top rotor turns 3 times faster, fluffing the hay as the bale unravels
  • Hydraulic Bale Platform – The platform safely keeps the bale tight against the rotors without the use of chains – avoiding potential mechanical breakdowns




BF5000 S Specifications

For: Hay, Straw, Baleage, Silage
Capacity: 4,000 lbs (1,800 kg)
Weight: 2,000 lbs (900 kg)
Power requirement: 40 hp
Minimum pressure: 2,500 psi


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