Bale Feeding Made Easy

Round bales have significantly reduced the amount of work it takes to handle hay. However, feeding has still been a labour intensive job — until now. The Tube·Line Chainless Bale Feeder takes the hassle out of feeding large round bales. Its chainless operation provides safer, more consistent operation, keeping the bale in control with less maintenance required. Using the BF5000 can reduce spoilage caused by bales sitting outside in bulky inefficient stationary units.

Product Highlights

  • Bunker Feeding
  • Dual Prong Hydraulic Bale Lift – This patented system makes loading fast, easy and ensures the bale is always in constant control
  • Bale Lift Position Gauge – indicates lift height for spearing different sized bales in the centre
  • Varying Speed Rotors – The top rotor turns 3 times faster, fluffing the hay as the bale unravels
  • Hydraulic Bale Platform – The platform safely keeps the bale tight against the rotors without the use of chains – avoiding potential mechanical breakdowns

The BF5000 3PH is also available with a front end loader adapter.

Handling the bales is safe and easy with the built-in hydraulic bale loader. This safe loading system allows you to easily load the first bale onto the feeder tray then spear a second for more feeding with fewer trips and less manouvering.

The Tube Line Chainless Bale Feeder works as well in the field as it does in the barn. Allowing you more freedom to decide when and where to feed your livestock while saving you time. Talk to your Tube Line dealer for details.



BF5000 Specifications

For: Hay, Straw, Baleage, Silage
Capacity: 4,000 lbs (1,800 kg)
Weight: 2,000 lbs (900 kg)
Power requirement: 40 hp
Minimum pressure: 2,500 psi


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