Technobale 900

Technobale 900

Unbeatable Performance – Less Machinery, More Efficiency.

Tube-line introduces one of the safest, fastest and easiest ways to move round bales from the field, all that and less compaction too.

Farmers indicated the need for a wagon that could handle both dry and wet bales. The Techno-Bale has been designed so that it can handle bales weighing up to 2000 pounds safely and efficiently.

The Techno-Bale models are the result of a process of constant improvements that has resulted in efficient, reliable and durable round bale handling equipment.

The 900 allows you to pick up 3 to 5 bales and easily transport them from the field then stack them with the removable forks or unload them in row, perfect for wrapping. The 900 also has built in counterweight mounts for even more stability.



Technobale 900 Specifications

Remote Outlets Required: 2
Horsepower Requirement: 35HP min
Tires: 11L x 15
Shipping Width: 7′ 10″
Operating Width: 7′ 10″
Weight: 3000 lbs
Bale Size: 4 x 4 to 6 x 5


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