Soil cultivation multi-implement

Carrier is a unique implement with an enormous range of abilities. Stubble cultivation, seedbed preparation, reconsolidation, straw harrowing and furrow levelling are the primary options. Due to its superior mixing ability Carrier is perfect for false seedbed establishment and for mixing in crop residues. An optimal working speed of 12-15 km/h ensures a very high capacity.

The X-shaped positioning of the discs eliminates lateral forces and allows Carrier to run precisely behind the tractor, a must when using GPS-assisted steering.

Carrier is available in many versions in order to provide optimal functions based on the conditions on each individual farm. Carrier is a quality tool that can resolve soil cultivation tasks flexibly and economically, while also having enormous capacity.

For increased flexibility, Carrier can be equipped with different toolbars. Crossboard is used for crushing clods and levelling furrows. The straw harrow distributes crop residues evenly over the field and ensures that all plants have similar conditions. Crosscutter can be used to create an effective false seedbed for rape, to mix in a catch crop very economically or to crush stubble more thoroughly for faster decomposition.

More rational cropping

Thousands of farmers have discovered the Carrier benefits. For them, Carrier has more or less revolutionised cropping. They have been able to rationalise their businesses since Carrier has a huge potential to perform soil tillage faster and cheaper. The hours spent in the field can be reduced and tillage costs are lower as diesel consumption is decreased. Crop production is simply more rational.

Working widths

Carrier versions are available for all sizes of tractor, with working widths from 3 m up to 12.25 m.
Straight models for the three-point linkage and trailed models are available in 3, 3.5 and 4 m working width. Folding three-point linkage versions with X-shape disc placement are available in 4.25, 5.25 and 6.25 m working width.

Trailed models with between 4.2 and 12.25 m working width are available.

All machines are designed to achieve even weight distribution across the entire working width.

Tested in very tough conditions

No chain is stronger than its weakest link and therefore quality is the motto at Väderstad. Materials and constructions must be able to withstand hard work on thousands of hectares. Our own harsh testing mercilessly uncovers any weaknesses. Therefore, investing in a Carrier brings long term benefits and low lifetime costs.

Shock proof machine

Both discs and rollers have rubber suspensions eliminating shocks to reach the main frame. This ensures a long life time and a high second hand value.

Väderstad has been making Carrier since 1999, a true winner’s choice saving diesel and time for the modern farmer!

Spare Parts Manual


Operators Manual



V-55 conical disc

Each disc is manufactured in V-55 special hardened Swedish steel and it will handle all conditions from stubble to ploughed land. The two rows of 450 mm conical discs will aggressively cut the top layer of soil and mix straw, soil and residues very intensively.

The conical shape of the discs crumbles the soil efficiently resulting in perfect germination conditions for the false seedbed.
Conical shape keeps the working angle the same independent of wear.

Rubber suspension

The maintenance-free and practically indestructible rubber suspension absorbs impacts and collisions. This increases the lifetime of discs and bearings as well as the main frame. Each disc has an individual rubber suspension.

One disc – one arm

Each disc is individually suspended on one arm. This increases the penetration capability and improves the ability to follow the ground contour. The spacious design ensures a good throughflow for trash and residues.

Sealed bearings

The discs have sealed bearings for low maintenance costs. The disc bearings do not have to be greased which reduces downtime.

Unique folding

Carrier 420-1225 have a unique folding mechanism which gives a transport width of maximum 3 metres.


The disc X-shape eliminates side forces ensuring a straight operation behind the tractor. The X dividing discs are placed behind the tractor wheels for an optimum even result.

Crossboard Heavy

Crossboard Heavy consists of hardened tines with angled wearing plates to provide aggressive cultivation. Clods are crushed and the soil is levelled.

The Crossboard tines do not draw up stones and is therefore suitable for stony fields. Various wearing plates are available as option. A stabilising bar can be used for increased levelling capacity.

Straw harrow

Distributes the straw on the field for even better spreading of harvest residues. This is a very good complement to System Disc Aggressive. Good straw distribution ensures even emergence in the following crop.


The optimal toolbar for efficiently and economically mixing in intercrops or creating an effective false seedbed for rape. Can also be used for cutting up stubble and straw more efficiently for faster decomposition. Available for most trailed Carrier models.


3-Point Linkage Models CR 300 CR 350 CR 400
Working width (m) 3.0 3.5 4.0
Transport height (m)
Number of discs 22 26 30
Number of sections 1 1 1
Weight with rubber roller 1600 1800 2000
Weight with steel roller 1800 2000 2200
Weight per metre 800 (incl. extra ballast) 750 (incl. extra ballast) 750 (incl. extra ballast)
Draught Requirment (hp)* 85- 100- 110-
Hydraulic Requirement 1DA 1DA 1DA
Extra weight package 800kg Optional Extra Optional Extra Optional Extra
Depth stop Clips Clips Clips
Steel roller (optional) 600mm 600mm 600mm
Rubber roller (optional) 586mm 586mm 586mm
Cage roller (optional) 600mm 600mm

Rec. working depth: 5 – 10 cm
Rec. working speed: 10 – 15 km/h
Disc spacing: 125 mm
Disc diameter 450 mm

Trailed models CR 300 CR 350 CR 400
Working width (m) 2.64 3.19 3.66
Transport width (m) 3 3.5 4.0
Number of discs 22 26 30
Number of sections 1 1 1
Weight with rubber roller 1900 (2200 incl. CB) 2100 (2400 incl. CB) 2300 (2600 incl. CB)
Number of CB tines 9+2 11+2 13+2
Weight per metre 900 (incl. extra ballast) 850 (incl. extra ballast) 800 (incl. extra ballast)
Draught Requirment (hp)* 85- 100- 110-
Hydraulic Requirement 1DA 1DA 1DA
Extra weight package 800kg Optional Extra Optional Extra Optional Extra
Crossboard Optional Extra Optional Extra Optional Extra
Depth stop Clips Clips Clips
Rubber roller (Standard fitment) 600mm 600mm 600mm
Drawbar Standard fitment Standard fitment Standard fitment

Rec. working depth: 5 – 10 cm
Rec. working speed: 10 – 15 km/h
Disc spacing: 125 mm
Disc diameter 450 mm


Steel packer

The steel rings have an aggressive profile crushing clods and ensuring even consolidation throughout the working depth. The steel packer works best on medium to heavy soils and in cloddy conditions. Pending scrapers keep the steel packer clean in all conditions. The steel packer is available on all Carrier models.

Rubber packer

The rubber packer provides good consolidation and has low draught requirement. It works best on lighter to medium soils. The rubber packer is available on Carrier 300-820.

Cage packer

The cage packer provides good reconsolidation and depth keeping. The large 550 mm diameter of the packer units gives particularly good depth control on light soils. The cage packer is available on Carrier 300, 350 and Carrier X 425-625.

Flexible drawbar coupling

Väderstad offers the following drawbar attachments: Towing eye 40 or 50 mm. Ball towing eye 41/52.5/57/72.5 mm, ball coupling 80 mm.


With BioDrill in place, Carrier is transformed into a drill for small-seeded crops like oilseed rape or catch crops. The precision distribution boom places the seed in front of the packer, ensuring good contact between seed and soil and good germination. BioDrill is available for Carrier 300 to 1225.

Ballast weights

Ballast weights for CR 300/350/400. They give a machine the same weight as a folded Carrier and hence the same superior penetration capacity.


Pneumatic and hydraulic brakes are available for Carrier 420 up to 1225.

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