Airseeders and commodity carts have been used by farmers for many years.

The technology up until today has been for wide, high output cultivator bar type machines with limited seeding precision. Väderstad and Seed Hawk have developed a new concept of airseeder which gives outstanding accuracy of seed and fertiliser placement even on the widest of implements.

Seed Hawk has 25 cm row spacing as standard to enable a good clearance for trash and straw residues. The wider row distance also means less soil disturbance which helps to preserve soil moisture. In regions suitable for No Till establishment the wider row spacing shows the same yield as conventional seeding.

Low draught requirement

The ultra-narrow knives give a superior seed placement with low horsepower requirement. Recommended tractor sizes are 290 – 340 hp for a 12 m drill and 430 – 500 hp for an 18 m.

Saves time and money

No till is the most extensive way to establish a new crop with huge potential to save time and cost. The Seed Hawk concept combines the capacity of wide implements with the high precision seed placement provided by the fertiliser and seed coulter solution. The result is amazing uniform crops established at low cost.

Model range

Seed Hawk offers drills from 6 m working width up to impressive 24 m. A range of carts are available from 4,000 litres up to 21,000 litres.

Seed Hawk Bars – 45 Series

Seed Hawk has developed a new frame series that folds to 4.5 m transport width and 4.5 metre height (18.3 = 5.2 m height) – the 45 series. A unique double fold mechanism and telescopic air kit allow the 12.2, 15.2 and 18.3 m bars to fold down to just 4.5 m transport width. Great ability to follow ground contour, unrivalled seed depth precision and a gentle trip mechanism are strong key features of the Seed Hawk toolbars.

Seed Hawk Carts

The SH 14 cart has two tanks with a capacity of 8,400 litres and 5,600 litres. The SH 17.5 has an additional tank with a capacity of 3,500 litres. The SH 21 cart has three tanks with a capacity of 10,500 litres, 3,500 litres and 7,000 litres. All models can be used in either a tow between or tow behind position.

Manoeuvrable 6 and 8 m models

The Seed Hawk 600 and 800 have integrated hopper and offer an easy to handle alternative for the small and medium size farms. The hopper holds 4,000 litres.

Spare Parts Manual


Operators Manual



Distribution heads

The secondary distribution system is installed on the toolbar of the seeder.

Pivoting support wheels

The Seed Hawk bar has support wheels on each section, both front and back, to allow the frame to follow the ground contour.

Convenient toolbox

The drawbar mounted heavy duty toolbox is ideal for storing tools, spare opener knives and manuals.

Double fold gives a narrow transport width

The outer wing sections fold 180 degrees, and then the intermediate sections fold over vertical, giving a transport width of just 4.5m.

Unique hydraulic system

Pressure is maintained on the seed unit by a constant oil flow of 6 litres/min from the tractor hydraulics. The amount of pressure on the seed units can be adjusted from the tractor cab to suit conditions on the move. With a constant oil flow and pressure in the hydraulic circuit, each seed unit’s working depth is controlled by a depth governing press wheel. As the press wheel travels over an undulating soil surface, the seed unit can lift and lower to maintain a consistent sowing depth.

Fenix – Robust metering system Seed Hawk 600-800

Seed Hawk 600C and 800C have a newly developed modern metering system that gives constant, reliable metering starting at extremely small doses. Much attention has been given to user friendliness and easy operation. The Fenix system is driven by a heavy duty electric motor that gives stable and consistent output.

Distribution heads Seed Hawk 600-800

The Linac distribution heads are used to give uniform distribution of seed and fertiliser across the width of Seed Hawk 600 and 800. The electric shut off valves automatically block off the relevant rows when tramlining.

Quick Pin depth setting

Seeding depth is easily set by removing the Quick Pin, then rotating the gear bolt which lifts and lowers the packer wheel to the desired depth and then the Quick Pin is re-inserted. The depth adjustment pivots between the seed and fertilizer knife, so the distance between the seed and fertilizer depth is constant at all seed depth settings.

Active hydraulic cylinder

The cylinder puts the opener into seeding and transport positions; it also controls the trip force and packing pressure from the tractor control box. The cylinder rod is tempered steel that will not pit, bend or rust; ensuring a long life.


The chain provides a visual guide for packing pressure. When the chain is tight, packing pressure is adequate. If the chain is loose, more packing pressure is required.

Fertiliser knife

The redesigned fertiliser knife now has double carbide surface area, extending the life of the knife, and giving a straighter penetration angle to reduce soil throw.

Seed Knife

Seed Hawk’s seed knife is the narrowest in the industry, carbide tipped for extended life and back swept to maintain a stable seed shelf.

Press wheel

The pneumatic 4-ply tire with tube and steel valve stem allows air pressure to be adjusted for flexing to shed mud. It can pack up to 150 kg of pressure.

Work platform

The sturdy steps at the back give good access to the wide platform on the top side of the carts allowing safe operation of the auger when filling.

Hydraulic fan

The hydraulic fan delivers a high volume of air to ensure optimum transport of product. For wider bars an additional secondary fan can be fitted.

Metering unit (carts)

The air plenum below the meters offers clean, straight through air flow for low air resistance, thus minimizing horsepower requirement. The straight through design also minimizes damage to the seeds as they are carried from the meter to the seeding tool. Stainless steel is used to fabricate and fasten the meters and air plenums resulting in corrosion free operation. Rate checks and meter clean-outs are easily performed using the plastic calibration tray and pail.

Stainless steel metering system

All Seed Hawk seeders have a mechanical ground drive transmission. The rate is adjusted by turning the knob on the top of the gear box. Calibration tray, pail and scale are all included.


Model SH 30 – 600C SH 30 – 800C SH 45 – 1220C SH 45 – 1520C SH 45 – 1830C
Working width (m) 6.0 8.0 12.20 15.20 18.30
Transport width (m) 3.0 3.0 4.5 4.5 4.5
Transport height (m) 2.9 4.0 4.5 4.5 5.2
Max coulter pressure (kg) 150 150 150 150 150
Weight (kg) 5100 6100 10100 12000 14000
Number of sections 3 3 5 5 5
Draft requirement (hp)** -145 -195 290-340 360-420 430-500
Number of coulters 24 32 48 60 72
Hydr requirement 3 DA – 2 FR 3 DA – 2 FR 4 DA – 2 FR 4 DA – 2 FR 4 DA – 2 FR

** 25cm row distance

Carts SH 14 m3 SH 17.5 m3 SH 21 m3
Transport width (m) 4.3 4.3 4.3
Transport height (m) 3.6 3.6 3.8
Compartment volume (l) 8400, 5600 8400, 5600, 3500 10500, 3500, 7000
Weight 4310 5220 5540


Filling auger

The Seed Hawk Carts are fitted with an auger which is mounted to an arm on the side of the frame. The well balanced auger swings into position and hydraulic oil is diverted from the fan for the drive. The long support arm allows the auger to be used for filling and emptying of the hopper with ease. All models use a 25 cm diameter auger. The plastic moulded hopper is large enough to fit under a truck chute and the under mounted wheel allows it to be easily moved into position.

Hydraulic conveyer kit

Seed Hawk’s conveyor is the perfect option for your cart to cut down on filling time. The belt conveyor is gentle on all your seed, including peas and lentils, and the low profile belted hopper will fit under most trailers. The 25 cm conveyor tube is equipped with a 40 cm cleated belt that curls when it runs through the tube.

SBR (Seed between rows)

The SBR™ drawbar technology means that each opener seeds between last year’s stubble rows. With the SBR the stubble can be cut taller at harvest, improving harvesting speed and efficiency. The standing stubble creates a better microclimate for the emerging seedlings, and evaporation and wind erosion are greatly reduced. By not disturbing last year’s stubble the seeder can operate at a faster forward speed as the stubble prevents excessive soil being thrown into the neighboring rows.

Agtron blockage monitor

Seed Hawk uses dependable Agtron blockage monitoring systems. The seed/fertiliser system helps the operator controlling the seeding operation.

Dual Cart tires

Seed Hawk offers dual tires to prevent soil compaction.

Distributor head for maize

As a mounting kit for the Seed Hawk 600-800 there are special lids that enable you to drill double rows of maize with a row distance of 75 cm. Fertiliser can be applied at the same time with combi machines at desired row distance and amount.

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