Tempo F

Tempo F

A new standard for precision at high speed

Väderstad Tempo sets a new standard for precision at high speed. With Tempo, planting can be done at high speed and yet precision and accuracy remains exceptional. The result is a unique combination of even crop establishment and superior capacity.

Spare Parts Manual


Operators Manual



Grease free linkage

Within the parallel linkage there is a torsion spring that can transfer additional 150 kg to each row unit. This is important when planting in min-till or no-till conditions. The torsion spring can be easily set without tools. Within the parallel linkage there are four rotation locked axles. Within the linkage there are maintenance free bushings.


All seed meters are equipped with a seed sensor. The data from the sensor is displayed on the Control-Station. The operator can have an overview of the function of the machine where bars show the precision on individual rows. It is also possible to see the precision (skips, doubles and coefficient of variation) on the Control-Station.

Since the seed meters use electrical drive it is possible to test and calibrate the seed meters before planting season starts. This can be done by testing rows individually.

Press wheel

The press wheel has two main tasks. The first is to stop the seed exiting the seed tube. This is achieved by moving the press wheel forward and optimizing the shape of the press wheel to fit the seed furrow. The second task is to make sure that the seed has an optimal seed-to-soil contact. A good contact with the soil ensures a rapid and even germination of the crop.


Our user friendly Control-Station is standard on all Rapid drills. Many important functions are controlled and displayed in the Control-Station. It is easily mounted in the tractor cab.

Closing wheel

The task of the closing wheel is to close the seed furrow. The force on the closing wheels can easily be adjusted, and it is also possible to set the closing wheels off-set. It is possible to change the closing wheels to other brands since the wheels are bolted to the frame with a standard M16.

Seed discs

The machine is delivered with one set of seed discs for maize. It is possible to order additional seed discs developed for maize, sunflower, sorghum and soya.

Simple service

All joints in the row units have easily exchangeable axles and bushings. The same grease free bushing is used in every joint in the row unit. Also the same bearing is used in the press wheels, closing wheels and gauge wheels. Keeping a minimal number of wear parts makes the service of the machine effective.

Alternator for independent power generation

The fan is connected to an alternator, thereby the machine is self-sufficient on electrical power. This means that the machine can be pulled by tractors with limited specifications.


Model TPF 6 TPF 8
Number of Rows 6 8
Row distance (mm) 700/750/762/800 700/750/762/800
HP requirements 70 – 100 90 – 125
Working width (m) from 4.2 to 4.8 from 5.6 to 6.4
Transport width from 3.0 to 3.3 from 3.0 to 3.3
Transport height (m) from 3.2 to 2.9 from 3.8 to 3.4
Weight without combi (kg) 1600 – 2000 2700 – 3350
Weight with combi (kg) 2250 – 2900 3500 – 4150
*Hydraulic requirements 1 -2 DA 1 -2 DA

* With markers 2 double acting


Row cleaners

The row cleaners are an option on Tempo. The task of the row cleaners is to remove crop residues, clods and stones. It is important to set the row cleaners so that they only remove some material in front of the row unit. The demand for row cleaners is much higher when planting into no-till or when planting into fields with large amount of residues.


On the Tempo F, combi is an option. The large fertiliser hopper, 1700 litres on eight row machines and 1250 litres on six row machines, makes it possible to fill seed and fertiliser at the same time when applying about 100 kg/ha. The hopper is easy to fill with big bags, a telehandler or by using an auger from truck.

Fertiliser coulters

The fertiliser coulters are spring loaded and can apply a force of 150 kg, which is sufficient also in most cases when direct planting. The fertiliser is placed 5 cm beside and below the seed. The gauge wheel on the fertiliser coulter has two tasks; to control the depth and also to reduce the soil throw from the fertiliser coulter.

Hydraulic folding

To facilitate work, the wings can be hydraulically folded. This option is recommended on TPF8 and for customers driving between the fields. The hydraulic folding requires an additional double acting hydraulic outlet on the tractor.

Marker arms

Tempo has hydraulically controlled marker arms as option. The alternation of the marker arms is controlled by the Control-Station. The marker arms can be equipped with a tine or a disc.

Hydraulic or PTO-powered fan

The standard fan is powered by a hydraulic motor. The hydraulic fan requires 40 l/m. As an option the machine can be ordered with PTO powered fans (540 rpm or 1000 rpm).

Elevated air inlet

An elevated air inlet will significantly reduce the amount of dust that enters the fan. This option is strongly recommended in areas where it commonly is dusty during planting.
Note that the air inlet is different for PTO and for hydraulic powered fans.


The machine is delivered with a Control-Station for monitoring seed quality etc. This monitor can be updated to an ISOBUS solution or to an iPad solution.

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