Versatile Cultivator

The versatile TopDown cultivator from Väderstad offers a broad spectrum of possibilities. The great advantage is that TopDown is capable not only of shallow tillage but also deeper tillage when the need arises. TopDown works the soil both at the top and down below. This makes TopDown a true one-pass-machine.

The 45 cm diameter System Disc Aggressive cuts residues into small pieces and mixes and crumbles the soil very finely at the same time. The following three-axle cultivator with small tight tine spacing and MixIn shins keeps the clods small and mixes the soil down to 30 cm. The aggressive packer crushes clods and consolidates to full working depth, leaving a very even surface.

The different settings could also be used separately giving various operation modes;

  • TopDown mode – all implements in operation
  • Carrier mode – System Disc Aggressive and packer
  • Cultivator mode – tines and packer
  • Discs and tines without packer

Stepless working depth

Working depth of the tines can be adjusted steplessly down to 40 cm independently of the settings of the other implements in the machine. This means that TopDown has a wealth of variation and a range of applications encompassing almost everything that could be required from a modern soil tillage machine.

Works with the conditions

The independent depth adjustment of discs and tines makes it possible to easily adapt the work done by TopDown to the conditions in each field. Some fields only require shallow tillage to prepare the seedbed and then drill. Other fields require deeper cultivation to mix in large amounts of straw or to loosen hardened layers.

The degree of soil firming can also be adjusted from the free weight of the packers to the entire weight of the machine resting on the steel rings. It is even possible to remove the packer to leave the soil open for a longer period, for instance in wet conditions.

TopDown is an excellent machine to improve the soil structure. The variety of point options and the flexibility of settings on the machine make it possible to increase yields in all types of land and cropping systems.

Working widths

TopDown is available in 3 to 9 m widths. The transport width is 3 m except for the 9 m model where the transport width is 5 m.

Proven reliability

TopDown has undergone rigorous testing, a part of it in Kimme quarry. The reliability of the machine is confirmed by customers who have covered thousands of hectares with their TopDown.

Spare Parts Manual


Operators Manual



V-55 conical disc

Each disc is manufactured in V-55 special hardened Swedish steel and it will handle all conditions from stubble to ploughed land. The two rows of 450 mm conical discs will aggressively cut the top layer of soil and mix straw, soil and residues very intensively.

The conical shape of the discs crumbles the soil efficiently resulting in perfect germination conditions for the false seedbed. Conical shape keeps the working angle the same independent of wear.

One disc – one arm

Each disc is individually suspended on one arm. This increases the penetration capability and improves the ability to follow the ground contour. The spacious design ensures a good throughflow for trash and residues.

Steel packer

The steel rings have an aggressive profile crushing clods and ensuring even consolidation throughout the working depth. Rubber suspension gives the packer a long lifetime.

Pending scrapers

Pending scrapers keep the steel roller clean in all conditions.


The cultivator section of TopDown consists of three rows of rigid tines developed to loosen the soil. The tine spacing is 27 cm. These tines are fitted with 50 or 80 mm points with MixIn shins as standard. The tine release force can be hydraulically adjusted up to 700 kP per tine.

Maintenance free fastening

The tine is fixed to the frame with a specially designed bolt with conical bushing, which makes it maintenance-free and extends the life.


Model TD 300 TD 400 TD 500
Working width (m) 2.65 3.75 4.80
Transport width (m) 3 3 3
Weight (kg) 4400 6200 7000
Wheels 520/50-17 520/50-17 520/50-17
Horse power ca 160-200 220-270 270-330
Hydraulic requirements 4 DA 4 DA 4 DA
Model TD 600 TD 700 TD 900
Working width (m) 5.75 6.75 9.10
Transport width (m) 3 3 5
Weight (kg) 9100 9900 13200
Wheels 56D/45-22.5 &
56D/45-22.5 &
56D/45-22.5 &
Horse power ca 330-400 400-470 450-600
Hydraulic requirements 4 DA 4 DA 4 DA


Point 50 mm

The 50 mm point is an excellent alternative providing lower draught requirement when cultivating deep in medium to heavy soils.

Point 80 mm

The 80 mm point is very versatile and performs an excellent result in most conditions.

Point 120 mm

Used for shallow work with unimpaired mixing effect. Perfect for incorporating manure.

Low Disturbance point

Low Disturbance point is available for loosening without bringing raw soil to the surface. The Low Disturbance point increases the drainage capability and helps in improving the soil structure.

Deep Loosening

The Deep Loosening points should be placed on the rear row of tines. These points make it possible to loosen down to a depth of 40cm with 80cm spacing. Compactions from traffic as well as pans from cultivation and ploughing could be loosened for improved drainage and soil structure.

Marathon points 80 mm and wing shares

50 mm, 80 mm points and wing shares are also available in optional Marathon versions, where they are reinforced with a wearing surface of hard metal (tungsten carbide) for substantially longer life which reduces the downtime.

Wing shares 300 mm

300 mm wing shares perform a combination of mixing and complete soil slicing, while at the same time lifting the soil. These wing shares fit 80 and 120 mm points and are suitable for shallow work on all soils in dry conditions.

MixIn shin for 50 mm

The MixIn shin gives an unbeatable incorporation of residues. The MixIn shin directs the soil flow forward resulting in a secondary treatment of the soil. Another benefit is the crumbling effect on heavy soils when the soil flow is bent forward.

MixIn shin for 80 mm

The MixIn shin gives an unbeatable incorporation of residues. The MixIn shin directs the soil flow forward resulting in a secondary treatment of the soil. Another benefit is the crumbling effect on heavy soils when the soil flow is bent forward.

Twisted shin 80 mm

The twisted shape deflects the flow of soil upwards and to the side, resulting in heavier material falling back faster than lighter. This leaves more harvest residues in the surface layer, which is a good option on light or medium soils if the breakdown time is long.

Inward throwing shin

The inward throwing shin could be put on outer tines in order to prevent soil from ending up outside the working width of the machine.

Kit for raised tine

Tines can be raised in order to increase the spacing between the tines on the machine. This function can also be used to decrease the working width in order to cultivate at greater depth with the same draught requirement. Another use is for eradicating sprayer tracks by using only a few tines.

Flexible drawbar couplings

Väderstad offers the following drawbar attachments: Towing eye 40 or 50 mm. Ball towing eye 41/52.5/57/72.5 mm, ball coupling 80 mm


Equipped with BioDrill the TopDown can be used as a one-pass solution for establishing small-seeded crops. The seed is placed in front of the packer. BioDrill is available for TopDown from 3 to 7 m.

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